About Us

CargoGulf is a global NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) operator that provides consolidation services across the Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Indian Subcontinent.

CargoGulf operates two complementary products:

  • FCL Liner Services (SOC)
    CargoGulf provides FCL Liner services in the following trades:
    • North Europe / UK to the Arabian Gulf
    • North Europe / UK to East Africa
    • Inter-Arabian Gulf
    • Arabian Gulf to the Indian Subcontinent
    • Arabian Gulf to the Far East
    • The Far East to the Arabian Gulf
    • Arabian Gulf & Indian Subcontinent to North Europe / UK
  • LCL Consolidation Services
    • North Europe / UK / Mediterranean to the Arabian Gulf & Red Sea
    • The Far East to the Arabian Gulf & Red Sea
    • USA & Canada to the Arabian Gulf & Red Sea
    • Inter-Arabian Gulf
    • Arabian Gulf to all global main ports

Established in 1985 in response to the economic boom in the Middle East, CargoGulf is now a global ocean cargo carrier widely used by major shipping lines and freight companies. We offer the shipment of less-than-container full container load cargoes (LCL) in groupage and consolidation containers, as well as SOC Liner Services complemented by General FCL services.

CargoGulf's services are based on minimum weekly, fixed-day vessel departures. CargoGulf liner terms and combined transport bills of lading are issued under full carrier conditions in conformity with the International Chamber of Commerce recommendations to banks on the acceptance for negotiation of documents under Letters of Credit.

Our motto
"Carrier to the world" symbolises the never-ending quest for new and better services, as the world grows smaller and trade constantly increases. It has always been the spirit of CargoGulf to enter into "uncharted territory" and achieve a first-mover advantage in challenging areas of operations. We continue to follow this pattern by adding new trade routes to and from developing countries around the world. Being a global service provider is an integral part of our business philosophy.

Our vision
Our vision is to provide excellent and neutral shipping services on a global scale. CargoGulf strives to maintain high standards of personalised service at a fair and competitive price. The company is continually developing new services and improving existing ones. We benchmark ourselves against the very best in our industry and aim to be seen as a market leader in our key markets.

About Us